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it's been a while (no not that shitty staind song)

man i haven't done this in a while. so i don't know what to say, let's catch up. i so far in the 21 years of my existence have managed to accomplish absolutely nothing while most of my friends are about to graduate with a degree of some sort. while me the three time college dropout seems to just keep fucking up in one way or another. but i have a job, thank god. i work for directv (convergys for you okies). it's a shit job and i hate it. anyone knowing of any decent job offerings that pay more than 8 bucks an hour hit me up please, cause i hate my job. which it seems now i have to go to bed (play tony hawk underground) so i can get up for work in the morning. but i'll be back.ciao.
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man, it has a been while. welcome back to the land of lj.

one of my freinds works at convergies also. she doesnt' hate it though. atleast not all of the time.
Hey there! Grab a seat and stay awhile! It's great to see you again! ; )~

I used to work for Direct TV at Convergys at the end of 2000. It was ok, and if you work at night, after 6 pm, you get an extra $1.25 an hour. At least they did that when I was working there.

I know Cox is hiring. Field something, I think that's what my husband said. He works for them, and he gets good pay! Which is really nice! You just need to not owe any money, and if you do, try and pay it off so you can get hired! It's well worth it, especially for over $10 and hour, which my husband gets!

Welcome back!