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i hate passwords

i keep forgetting the damn password, thats why i never update.
and i really don't have much to say about my life.
it's boring.
so much for self social commentary.
i'm a boring person.
at least when i'm by myself writing about myself.
i should stick to writing stories.
stories not about me.
it's hard to tell that i've been published before.
but they were just poems.
poems are the shit of literature.
i used to like writing them.
now i realize how pointless and monotonous they are.
it's like everyone read the same poem and used a thesaurus.
kind of ironic.
this post is written much like a poem.
ginsberg was good.
but that's more like prose.
anyone can write like anyone.
be angry, be happy, just grab a thesaurus and you too could be the next thoreau.
it's fucking ridicuolus.
i like novels now.
poems are for the readers with add.
i hope i offended you if you have add.
you'll get over it.
take your behavioral problems and poor social skills somewhere else.
pop your ritalin, adderal, wellbutrin, and clonodine.
and sit down.
ok now i'm rambling.
i'll stop now
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