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i have no idea what that subject has to do with the post. i have no idea what this post is going to be about. the words that flow from my fingertips i cannot control. it just happens, and when it happens, its amazing. so anyways i'm so going to see against me! i missed em a couple of months ago because i hate anti-flag, i think justin sane is the punk rock equivalent of justin timberlake. but against me! fucking rocks and i can't wait to see them. i need to call ricky and see if he'll go. my life is still boring. boring, boring, boring. i need to go back to school. i need to learn. my job is causing my brain to hemmorhage. if any of you have DirecTV and call in to talk to customer service, stop being fucking morons. okay enough venting for now. i'm tired.ciao.
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hahaha...a girl i use to be friends with works at convergies or atleast she did then, knowing her though she probably fucked up and got fired. but when we were friends i heard all kinds of different stories about stupid customers.