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where do i go?

i don't know why i don't ever post. i should do it way more often that i do. i'm way too busy i guess. so anyways tomorrow is game 2 of the philly-toronto series (hockey owns). i hope philly wins, i'll be watching it at 6. so anyone that misses me at all can just turn on the game and maybe you can get into my psyche a little. and maybe we'll be a bit closer. so i'm listening to elliott smith, and this has to be the most depressing music ever made. anyone who doesn't know, he's dead now. it was supposedly a suicide but he was stabbed twice in the heart. and his name was spelled wrong in the sucide note, so now they don't think its suicide. anyways i never can think of anything to write when i post. so whatever ciao.
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Thats terrible about Elliot Smith :(

How are you doing? Its been awhile! I'm coming home on May 5
it's gonna be more terrible if toronto beats philly tonight
Hah, well I hope they dont!
i enjoy reading your lj. i just now got enough courage to add you to my friends list. maybe you could add me but only if you wanna. i guess thats the end.
been r e j e c t e d
from one of those
"hot or not" communities?
then come to