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hail to the king baby!!!

i only have 2 things to say.
one. sorry i haven't updated in a while, mainly this goes to my faithful companions, all 2 of you.
and two. yesterday i met bruce campbell, for those of you who have no idea who i'm talking about. get a fucking life and learn something. he's only the greatest b-movie actor ever, and i got my picture with him. so it'll be up as soon as i get off my lazy ass and scan it. but anyways, i'll start updating more often for sure. sorry everyone. goodnight. adieu
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yay!.. oh yeah, and yay!....
It's nice to know that you didn't drop off the face of the planet, get abducted by aliens, or get kidnapped by Barbie! ; )~ JK Nice to see you on here again!
2 things. Sorry my internet connection is sparse and my mother's computer sucks so much ass.
My best friend, Dave, met Bruce Campbell in a bar recently. You lucky, lucky bastards.

You still owe me that vodka, you know.