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chokeonsilence's Journal

this is a love letter
9 January
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80's, abstract thought, adbusters, adult swim, alcohol, anti-bush, anti-nazi, anti-police brutality, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-stuckism, anti-sxe, art, auto-erotic asphyxiation, autumn, being unpopular, big words, bill hicks, black and white photography, blue, books, buffy the vampire slayer, california, camel cigarettes, captain morgan's, catcher in the rye, che guevara, cherry chapstick, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, coca-cola, concerts, creativity, cuddling, cynicism, david cross, david fincher, death, debauchery, diy, eddie izzard, elliott smith, esperanto, evil, fall, fuck mtv, fucking shit up, geeks, genres, guitar, halloween, hockey, hugs, iconoclasm, idealists, imagination, independent media, independent press, individuality, intelligence, invisible monsters, jack kerouac, joseph heller, kids in the hall, kissing, kurt vonnegut, laughter, literature, loud music, love, mark leyner, masochism, me, mindless rambling, misery, monty python, movies, mr. show, murder city devils, music, nerds, new wave, ninjas, noam chomsky, oblivion, obscurity, pessimism, pirates, playing guitar, pleasure forever, poetry, procrastination, quentin tarantino, rain, random hero, randomness, reading, robert smith, sadism, sarcasm, screaming, self loathing, sex, sexuality, silence, singing in the car, smoking, special edition dvds, spencer moody, stanley kubrick, stella, stephen king, the cure, the misfits, the slaves, the state, tim burton, trainspotting, typography, video games, vodka, vss, wes anderson, women, writing, you